Jodhaa Akbar - Forget the controversy

Jodhaa Akbar Review
I went and watched Jodhaa Akbar at CineMax today. Forget the controversy surrounding it, but the movie is a good one. During some three and a half hours of the movie it never occured to my mind if Jodhaa's character as Akbar's wife is right or not. It's a well-made film that touches on vital topics like humanity, unity, trust, loyalty and romance. After watching the movie, you'll definitely and rightfully regard Emperor Akbar as a person with a golden heart and respect for justice.

Both Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya have acted really well. I particularly liked the scene where an entire room brightens up with sunrays falling on a golden mirror. Also, the sword fight between both the actors is directed beautifully.

I suggest you must watch this movie at least once.

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