Shah Rukh Khan's Birthday: Fans write blog posts

So it is SRK's birthday on 2nd November! For some of my sweet friends Vijeeth, Keyur and Baishali, it is a very very special day. They are huge fans of Shah Rukh Khan and are in a birthday celebration mode already!

Until I met Vijeeth, I never had an idea how much people can be crazy about a particular actor / actress. After witnessing Vijeeth's fan-giri for SRK, I met Keyur and Baishali when I was with Zee. Shah Rukh Khan's wallpapers on their desktop, the love for writing SRK articles, defending SRK when anyone at work said anything against him / his movies... was amazing!!!

Now it's Shah Rukh Khan's birthday and I can't help but share Keyur's blog post on the same - Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan! « The Common Man Speaks

Inviting Vijeeth and Baishali and all other SRK fans to contribute their posts / links out here for the world to see!