Ghajini Movie Review - Aamir Khan & Asin -

Catch the first video review of Ghajini here or on! Looks like I must book my tickets now!

Rab ne bana di jodi - Movie Review

The movie seems to impress the audience. Have to watch Rab ne bana di jodi yet, might go today. For now I can give you the link of audience review right after the first day first show of the rab ne.

Watch the Rab Ne audience review here.


Dostana - Amazing and Funny Movie - Must Watch

Watched the movie Dostana finally on Friday! It's simply amazing and hilarious... more about the movie later! Until then, I suggest you to book your tickets if you haven't watched Dostana yet! It's worth watching for sure

Dostana Movie Widget

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Love this site for such cool widgets!

Shoot On Sight Movie Trailer - Naseeruddin Shah & Om Puri

Director Jag Mundhra has come up with a very strong movie Shoot On Sight starring Naseeruddin Shah, Gulshan Grover, Om Puri, Brian Cox, Taru Devani and Jamie Doyle.

Watch the movie trailer here:

Bollywood star birthdays in October

Here's a list of the celebrity birthdays in October. Wishing all the stars a very Happy Birthday!

1 October - Majrooh Sultanpuri
2 October - Asha Parekh
3 October - J P Dutta
4 October - Gufi Pental
6 October - Vinod Khanna
7 October - Renuka Shahane
8 October - Farha
10 October - Rekha
11 October - Amitabh Bachchan
12 October - Tinu Anand
12 October - Nida Fazli
15 October - Kamal Sadanah, Kim
16 October - Hema Malini
17 October - Sanjay Kapoor, Bhawana Balsavar
18 October - Om Puribi
19 October - Sunny Deol, Chinni Prakash, Priya Tendulkar
20 October - Kiran Kumar
21 October - Shammi Kapoor, Kulbushan Kharbanda
22 October - Kader Khan, Kitu Gidwani
23 October - Deven Verma, Shikha Swarup, Sapna Mukherji
25 October - Soni Razdan, Amita Nangia
26 October - Raveena Tandon
27 October - Anuradha Paudwal
29 October - Salma Agha
30 October - Dilip Tahil, Tinu Anand

Drona - Abhishek Bachchan's Movie - Trailer

Would thank myPOPKORN again for Drona trailers.

The movie trailers of Drona look good. Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra too look very royal in the trailers. Hope the movie is as good. - Amazing video site

What do you do when you miss your favourite show on television? What do you do if you want to know about the latest movies or watch the latest songs? What do you do when you want to see how a particular dish is made? How do you watch important news when you are away from home, but have your PC / laptop?

The answer to all of the above is this video site I recently came across -

myPOPKORN allows you to embed the videos on your blogs as well. The site is even showing all the episodes of the original Mahabharat series! Isn't it great! Hope it helps you too.

It's been a month

One month of movie-fasting. Just realised that I haven't watched a movie for over a month now. Friends, are you listening?

The Dark Knight - Review

An intelligent movie with superb execution, The Dark Knight stands up to your expectations. I must say it is one of the best superhero movies I have watched. The joker scares you and the Batman relieves you of the faster heartbeats at the theatre. On yeah and Christian Bale looks amazingly handsome in his superhero suit.

I love the scene when people on the two boats are given a chance to survive, but for that they must blast the other boat. The end result is a bit expected but great with the message the film kinda gives out in this scene.

I give the movie 4 and a half out of 5.

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Jaane Tu... ya jaane na

Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi, yunhi nahi dil lubhaata koi... jaane tu.... ya jaane na...

It's amazing how the name of the movie connects to this yesteryears song. Imran Khan, with his excellent performance, reminds you of Aamir Khan especially in a song sequence where he dons a moustache. Genelia Dsouza has also given a wonderful performance.

The movie revolves around two best friends in college who somewhere deep within their heart love each other but are themselves unaware of the fact. They spend all their time as friends together while others are ready to bet that they are in love. But they deny it and laugh it out. A series of events brings them closer to the reality of love that exists between them.

I connect with it more as it is very similar to the love story between me and Mrinal :] There was a time he was trying to find the perfect soulmate for me.

It's a cute movie with a cute story. I'm sure everyone who watched the movie loved it. I know about a few people who have watched it more than two times.

I rate it 4 out of 5.

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Jaane tu, jaane kab?

Jaane Tu... one day I'll watch this movie. One day soon. Damn, I wonder if I'd be the last person in Mumbai to do so.

Dus Ka Dum has dum!

It's fun to watch this television show hosted by Salman Khan. I love the questions, they are really funny. And the cool thing is that you don't need a great intellect to answer, you just need to have a basic understanding of the way people think. The answers are in percentage.

Reminds me of the popular Public Demand show that became a hit with Roshan Abbas's superb style. I remember his questions used to start with, "Humne sau logon se poocha...".

I'm sure, whoever gets to participate in Dus Ka Dum, regardless of whether he wins or loses, he would have a great time on the sets.

Sarkar Raj

I loved Sarkar and watched it thrice. Now, I am looking forward to watch Sarkar Raj. I presume that Ram Gopal Varma will thrill us again. Happened to watch a part of a press conference of the movie. The Bachchan family seems to leave no stone unturned for the promotion. It appears that they might take a tour of some parts of India with a contest for the promotion of the film. Hmm... all forms of sarkars, real & reel life seem to have some fascination with tours!

Official website of Sarkar Raj

Movie - Preview - Krazzy 4

I don't have much idea as of now that what this movie will be all about. I remember that they recently released Shah Rukh Khan's 'item' number from this movie. I found it like any other dance number, but then...

...then just a few days ago I saw Hrithik Roshan grooving to the tunes of the same number of Krazzy 4. He's simply awesome! It reminds me of his performance for the song "Main aisa kyun hoon..." in Lakshya, but this one beats everything. Damn it's amazing the way he moves to the tunes. Superb flexibility, simply brilliant. I now pronounce myself as a fan of his dancing style.

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Jodhaa Akbar - Forget the controversy

Jodhaa Akbar Review
I went and watched Jodhaa Akbar at CineMax today. Forget the controversy surrounding it, but the movie is a good one. During some three and a half hours of the movie it never occured to my mind if Jodhaa's character as Akbar's wife is right or not. It's a well-made film that touches on vital topics like humanity, unity, trust, loyalty and romance. After watching the movie, you'll definitely and rightfully regard Emperor Akbar as a person with a golden heart and respect for justice.

Both Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya have acted really well. I particularly liked the scene where an entire room brightens up with sunrays falling on a golden mirror. Also, the sword fight between both the actors is directed beautifully.

I suggest you must watch this movie at least once.

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Bollywood Calling!

Another video on You Tube. Damn whoever makes all this is brilliant!

3 Movies, 1 Day

Taare Zameen Par, Cheeni Kum & Night In The Museum.
Finally a Saturday when I lazed around a bit, became a couch potato and worked a bit as well! That's called Annu Weekend Mein.