After The Sunset

Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek, Woody Harrelson
Director: Brett Ratner

They were showing the movie on Star Movies today. The story of After The Sunset is quite predictable, but somehow I ended up watching the entire movie. Pierce Brosnan acts pretty dull and Salma Hayek's performance is like what we see in most of her movies. The most delightful part of the movie is the location where it is set - Bahamas, simply beautiful!

Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan) and Lola Cirillo (Salma Hayek) plan to retire after a hitting a big theft. An FBI agent follows them to confirm if they have actually retired. A Napoleon number three diamond rests in a Diamond Cruise off the island coast. Then follows a series of events that lead to the theft of the famed diamond and, of course, a little bit of suspicion.

The movie is worth a single viewing, nothing so special, nothing so bad.

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