Sarkar Raj

I loved Sarkar and watched it thrice. Now, I am looking forward to watch Sarkar Raj. I presume that Ram Gopal Varma will thrill us again. Happened to watch a part of a press conference of the movie. The Bachchan family seems to leave no stone unturned for the promotion. It appears that they might take a tour of some parts of India with a contest for the promotion of the film. Hmm... all forms of sarkars, real & reel life seem to have some fascination with tours!

Official website of Sarkar Raj


Interval said...

Very few movies are made better the second time around. RGV has done a phenomenal job directing Sarkar Raj - the sequel.

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Anuradha Khanna said...

oh cool. i think i must watch the movie soon. thanks!