A R Rahman Won 2 Oscars!

A R Rahman won 2 Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire - Best Original Music Score and Best Original Song. Congratulations and Jai Ho Rahman!

Whenever an Indian / Indian movie gets nominated for the coveted Oscar Awards, there's enough anticipation - will we get it or not. But this once, everyone was sure that Rahman will make it! And with two statuettes, he has made us all confident for the next Oscars. The inspiration and example that he has set is beyond description. Somehow each one of us, especially in the film industry, is dreaming -"One day I want to win an Oscar and make my country proud"!

I just wish I could meet Rahman in person and congratulate him. Best I can do is use this blogging platform to say "Congratulations Rahman"!

Read the entire news and watch the video of Rahman's Oscar speech and Jai Ho Song on myPOPKORN.com

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Rahman's Oscar Speech:
"I have nothing but my mother and she is there with me. I thank her for making me coming all this way with her blessings."

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