10 Flowery movie name ideas inspired by the movie Gulab Gang

First Chameli ki Shaadi, then Chameli, then Gulab Gang! What could be the names of the movies in the future? Here’s a list of 10 funny movie name ideas inspired by flowers and the movie name Gulab Gang (starring Raveena Tandon, Tabu and Shahana Goswami):

1. Champa Akeli
2. Chaman Chindi
3. Raat Rani, Din Naukrani
4. 100 Mogre
5. Surajmukhi Chautala
6. Gali Ka Genda, Dil Mera Lenda (GKGDML)
7. Bela Aur Albela
8. Katch Kamal If You Can
9. Jack, Jill and Juhi
10. Mrs and Mrs Shevanti

Using / selling these names for an upcoming movie is subject to my approval.

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