Chopra Helps Chopra: Can Priyanka help Uday?

Mera naam hai Priyanka, Priyanka Chopra!

Looks like this is what Piggy Chops might have said while trying to boost Uday Chopra’s career.

Aakhir ek Chopra hi doosre Chopra ke kaam aayegi… ya nahi aa paayegi ;)

So the duo is appearing together in Pyaar Impossible… no points for guessing why the movie is named so. I have this feeling that the movie will do just okay. And while there’s buzz that Priyanka is risking her career for Uday’s sake, I don’t think so. She has established herself as a talented actress and a not-yet-successful co-star definitely can’t ruin it.

Will Priyanka’s presence boost Uday’s career? Well, her presence will surely attract more audience. But then, Uday’s career will depend on how he performs in the movie. So if he does do well, we should give him the credit! Well, let’s wait and watch.

Pyaar Impossible Release Date: 8 January 2010

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