10 Ideas For Osama Bin Laden Movie Names

It's but obvious that filmmakers will now plan movies based on the life and death of Osama. Here are some funny ideas for Osama Bin Laden movie names:

  1. 40 Din, Osama In
  2. Osama: The Revenge Of Obama
  3. Maar Giraya Osama
  4. His Name Was Osama
  5. New York Ka Badla
  6. Osama, Obama Aur Cinema... A documentary on Osama films
  7. Justice Is Done
  8. The SEAL Of Death
  9. 10 Saal Baad
  10. Aatank Ka Anth... A Hatred Story
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Reader contributions:
  1. Osama bin(a) Jag (by Parvathy)

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