SRK: My wife's name is Gauri Khanum

All right, this is not exactly a quote by Shah Rukh Khan but he has expressed a point. SRK's wife Gauri has been in news lately as she supported MNIK extensively in the wake of the protests against her husband. So the media has been covering Gauri 'Khan' a lot. Now SRK has expressed that she should be called Gauri Khanum and not Gauri Khan.

Why? Well, Shah Rukh has expressed that Khan is used for males while Khanum for females. He says that Khan is not a surname but a title. I remember how once a friend in college has explained to me that she uses Kaur and not Singh in her name as Singh is for males and Kaur for females. Now our own SRK has taught me something I did not know.

So what could be the name of Shah Rukh Khan's next film? I guess: My wife's name is Khanum!

And are we expecting new changes in film credits and names of actresses? Perhaps you might want to look out for:

Farah Khanum
Malaika Arora Khanum
Sussanne Khanum
Jiah Khanum
Negar Khanum

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